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Healthy Like a Bear   » 2007 » November » 18

How to Maintain Your Weight after Dieting and Keep It Off

Losing weight can be difficult. Keeping it off can be even more difficult. It’s important to remember that the basic rule of weight loss is to decrease your caloric intake to a level that is less than your caloric expenditures.

How much is really in a keg of beer?

How much is inside a keg? Any college sophomore can tell you it is 15½ gallons, but how many servings is that, and how many gallons should you plan for each guest? How many cups is a keg, really? A bunch of college kids decide to strictly count and monitor one night’s keg consumption.

Top 3 Ways to Get the Most out of a Heart Rate Monitor

Wearing a heart rate monitor can literally mean the difference between success and failure during an exercise program. Why not make SURE that you are going to get the results that you want?

Informational emergency in the operating room: does it count as a right?

There are cases, for instance in the operation room, when instant information access is crucial. One such case is told in the book Second Opinion by R. Horton. Could this exceptional information and life emergency be interpreted as a basic right with complementary duties? What about an app that could abandon copyright issues in these cases?

Sensors can monitor production processes, unmask tiny cracks in aircraft hulls, and determine the amount of laundry in a washing machine. In future, they will also be used in the human body and raise the alarm in the event of high pressure in the eye, bladder or brain

New drug resistance found in river blindness

A 20-year effort to control the spread of onchocerciasis, or river blindness, in African communities is threatened by the development of drug resistance in the parasite that causes the disease, a study by McGill University researchers has found.

Diabetics, watch out for the great danger called TV!

Researchers from the University of Oslo started a research in which they analyzed the comportment of kids with type 1 diabetes and got to the conclusion that TV and computer monitor raise the level of sugar in their blood if they spend more than 2 hours in front of them.

Wanting to heal emotionally but not feeling ready. How to deal with the challenge and take action anyways. Clearly identifies where people get stuck and gives a good understanding of breaking free of the trap.

Natural Cure Guide - Safe and Healthy Lifestyle

Due to increasing side effects of allopathic medicines, people are moving toward alternative treatments for their healthy life. These natural treatments are much more effective and widely used now days because they not only cure the disease but also eliminate the basic root causing factors and any type of disturbing elements in our body.

(Audio) How To Cook And Peel An Egg To Perfection

Within one minute Professional Chef Cary Wolfson explains how to prepare a boiled egg with perfect results.

Overall illegal drug use stable in 2006, but a resurgence of hallucinogens

The government conducts an annual survey of about 67,500 people to monitor drug use in the United States as well as the use of tobacco and alcohol. About 14.6 million people ages 12 and older used marijuana in the past month, while 9.6 million used illicit drugs other than marijuana.

Your Computer or TV Could Kill You

Electrical fields from computers, televisions and other everyday equipment can give people asthma, influenza and other respiratory diseases, a startling new study suggests.

Have you thought about getting in shape, but hate the idea of going to a gym? A home workout may be a solution. This article includes 4 exercises that don’t require a gym and basic information on purchasing home gym equipment.

Ketchup (or less commonly catsup) also known as Tomato Ketchup, Red Sauce, or Tomato Sauce is a condiment, usually made with ripened tomatoes. The basic ingredients in modern ketchup are tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, salt, allspice, cloves, and cinnamon.

Stem Cells Crossing Blood Brain Barrier

This is a great video put up by Cellmedicine ( teaching about stem cells crossing the blood brain barrier in absence of injury. It is very interesting that a stem cell clinic like Cellmedicine would actually put up basic scientific information in order to educate the world about who stem cells work and heal people.

Computer Games Can Save Your Brain

If you’re one of the many people who while away hours playing FreeCell, that heinously addictive and complicated version of Solitaire, you may be interested to hear that some researchers think your performance in this computerized card game might reveal early signs of dementia.

Male multiple orgasm. How to become “multi-orgasmic”

Any man can become “multi-orgasmic”. It only requires a basic understanding of male sexuality and certain techniques. Most men’s sexuality is focused on the goal of ejaculating, rather than on the actual process of lovemaking. Once a man becomes multi-orgasmic he will not only be able to better satisfy himself, but also more effectively satisfy his

(Audio) How To Cook A Proper Steak

Page Sands explains how to cook a “proper” steak.

Smart Pill You Swallow to Diagnose Problems

Imagine you swallow a pill and your doctor uses its onboard sensors to monitor your internal organs as it passes through your body. That’s what this new technology offers for everyone. It’s an alternative to costly imaging scans like CT and Pet scans, and Ultrasounds and Xrays.

‘Smart’ Fabrics Integrate Biosensors To Monitor Respiration Rate And Body Temperature In Real Time

3 Practical Diet Steps to Lose Weight

Forget all the fad diets including South Beach and Atkins. This is basic simple and useful information on how to lose weight in a healthy way.

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Teenage girl forced to carry a brainless baby that will die at birth

The Irish government is blocking a teenage girl from going to the UK for an abortion. These religious fanatics want to force her to have a baby which would immediately die. FTA: “As I was lying on the bed for the scan and the nurse was showing me various parts of the baby on the monitor, it became clear that the baby had no head.”

Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease) And Why You Should NEVER Drink From Cans

One Friday afternoon a fit young family man who played football for a local team bought a can of drink from a restaurant situated close to the river. He drank directly from the can and died soon after.

A basic knowledge about the different types of SHOCK

The next time you’re stuck in traffic and are ready to kill someone, instead of reaching for the nearest projectile (e.g. batteries, food or a wrench), use these to chill out. It can be the difference between you getting home to see your girl…or spending a night in jail

When is it Okay for your Daughter to Wear Makeup?

Let me just start by saying that there is no magic age to allow your daughter to begin experimenting with lipsticks and eyeliners. The best judge of when to begin this phase is most definitely a parent. However, there are some basic guidelines that you can consider when your “little” girl begins clamoring to be a “big” girl.

Easy (and Sexy) Ways to Lose 50 Pounds a Year

The basic rule of weight loss is that you take in fewer calories than you burn — and if you want to turn a positive calorie balance into the calorie deficit you need to lose weight, just make some smart choices in what you eat and drink, and how you burn calories.

Prevent Heart Failure: Text the ER?

Text messaging saves time. Now it could save lives. A prototype cardiac monitor and modified phone work together to analyze heartbeats and, in the case of a dangerous irregularity, alert both patient and doctor by text message.

It looks like Adidas and Polar are trying to steal some of Nike’s thunder with their own system that includes a sensor that goes in Adidas’ shoes, a heart rate monitor band, and a watch to receive all the data.

Organism found at SRS amazes scientific world

“At first, nobody was sure what it was,” said Christopher “Kitt” Bagwell, a senior scientist at the top-secret Savannah River National Laboratory.

Turns out, the greenish-orange slime was alive.