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Fitness Bootcamp – Selecting The Right Clothes

How To Go About Selecting The Right Clothes For Fitness Bootcamp

When you are deciding what to wear to a Fitness Bootcamp workout you shouldn’t be going solely on what is currently in trend.   What you need to remember is that the clothing you wear when exercising is the type that isn’t designed to make you feel more comfortable, but to actually prevent you from becoming uncomfortable whilst you work out.

By selecting the right kind of clothing to wear at a fitness boot camp will ensure that you are protected from injuries caused by chafing or the elements.   So there is less risk of you getting blisters for example.

So in order to help you choose the right kind of clothing to wear we offer some tips below you may find useful.

Tip 1 – What Material Should Your Clothing Be Made From?

The most important thing that needs to be considered when deciding what clothing to wear when exercising is how effective it will … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – How To Select The Right Kind Of Sports Bra

When it comes to exercising you wouldn’t wear a pair of jeans or flip-flops would you?  So it is important that when exercising you wear the right sort of bra.   Any sort of physical activity you perform including the exercises you do at a fitness bootcamp are strenuous and will cause your breasts to bounce.   Unfortunately by wearing a normal bra you won’t provide your breasts with the support that they need.

If your breasts aren’t provided with the right level of support when exercising then eventually they may begin to stretch and sag.   This will only cause you discomfort when exercising.   Plus also your breasts are going to rub against the skin surrounding them and possibly each other so that this could in turn lead to you suffering from pain where chafing has occurred.   Wearing a sports bra will ensure that issues like this can be avoided, plus a good one will help to ensure that moisture is wicked away from your skin.

Of course with so … [Read more...]

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What To Expect When You Go To Fitness Bootcamp

Have you begun to notice that your workouts at the gym don’t seem to keep you as motivated as they did?   Do you find that you are struggling to even get your gym kit together?   Well if you are now may be the time to consider signing up for a fitness bootcamp.

This type of workout has become extremely popular in recent years and is down to the fact that it is much more challenging.   Okay the name is somewhat intimidating but as you will soon discover there really isn’t anything to lose other than those extra few pounds you may have gained.

So what can you expect from attending a Fitness Bootcamp ?

1. Well firstly never expect to be doing the same workout over and over again.   This type of workout involves a great deal of variety, as you are required to complete a number of different exercises.   Some of which require the use of equipment such as dumbbells, jump ropes and resistance bands.

2.  Secondly the way in which … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – Do Some Research First

Attending one of the many fitness bootcamps available today is a great way of losing weight quickly.  However it is still important that you do some research into the various ones available so that you can choose the fitness bootcamp  that is right for you.   This will help to ensure that you then get the most out of it and will help you to achieve your goals.   In this article we cover some of the things to be looking at when you do your research.

1.  The first thing you need to understand when it comes to comparing various different fitness bootcamps is they may not always employ the best instructors.   When looking at what the bootcamp has to offer look to see what training the instructors have undertaken and what qualifications they have received

Often what you find with these types of fitness bootcamp exercise programs that have been set up by a local fitness instructor is that they obtain materials regarding setting up such a business.   Then they … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – Warming Up Routine For Women

Fitness Bootcamp – What Is Involved When Warming Up

Today more and more women are choosing to sign up to a fitness bootcamp designed specifically for them rather than going to the gym.   These particular workouts can take place either a couple of times a week or 5 times a week.   As well as helping to tone and tighten muscles they of course help to burn off unwanted fat.

Although the main workout is crucial so is the warm up as well.   However you shouldn’t mistake this aspect of the workout for stretching even though it is very much an important part of the warm up.

The warm up is designed in such a way to help raise your body temperature by 1.4 to 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit.   So your body will be better prepared for the vigorous types of exercises you will then need to carry out as part of a woman’s fitness bootcamp.

As you will discover the warming up session is made up three parts.   The first of these being the general … [Read more...]

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Fitness Bootcamp – Try a Tyre Flip Workout

Want to add a bit of variety to your Fitness Bootcamp? Try this workout to spice things up.

Got an old truck tyre or some car tyres? What about some marine rope? If you don''t ask around. Go to your local marine store and ask about thick ropes. One of the staff might have some. For car/truck tyres, go to a mechanic that specializes in upgrading tyres. They have to pay for someone to take their old tyres away so they should be more then happy for you to take them off their hands free.

Equipment: Mats, Cones, Truck tyre, Car tyres, Battling rope, Kettlebell

Jog to exercise area. Have clients run single file and lead them into a circle. Have them stop and do exercises periodically or change direction. Continue for 6-10 minutes.

Set up the four drills below (or four of your own). The tyre flip drill will be the time keeper. That means that when the group flipping the tyre finishes, all groups rotate … [Read more...]

Want To Write for Fitness Bootcamp Blog?  We Want You!

Fitness Bootcamp Blog is  looking for fresh original content to share with our  readers in return we''ll provide you with a link back to your site video facebook page or twitter account. We strive to provide our readers with new ideas, perspectives and informative articles .

If you are interested in writing for our website, we’d love to hear from you! We are currently looking for new creative talent to be a part of Fitness Bootcamp Blog. Whether its a long term commitment or a one time shot, we welcome everyone and anyone to contribute to the original content that we provide on the site. This is a great opportunity to grow the following for your own blog or even just use as an outlet to get published online.

Need Some Ideas for a story? Check out these current Fitness Bootcamp Series and Planned series…

My Fitness Journey: Tell us about your Fitness Journey from slob to fit or Write on a general fitness related … [Read more...]

Fitness Bootcamp – A New Way For Getting In Shape

When you need to determine which is the best fitness bootcamp for you, you should be looking for the kind that won’t help you to achieve your goals, but also one that is fun to do.   Unfortunately many people when wanting to get in shape will be happy to do what is asked of them but as soon as it begins to feel repetitive they lose interest and gradually they stop attending their classes.

However this isn’t the case when it comes to joining a fitness bootcamp they are there to ensure that you remain focused and motivated on what it is you want to achieve.   There are also a number of other reasons why people are opting to participate in this types of workout programs rather than those that their local gym offer today.

The first of these being is that they are held outdoors, so there is more space for the exercises involved to be performed.   Plus rather than having to stand next to someone with smelly armpits you only get to smell the flowers and the … [Read more...]

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Fitness Bootcamp – A Few Reasons To Get Involved

Fitness Bootcamp – A Few Reasons To Get Involved

In the last few months there has been a steady increase in the number of people who want to learn more about fitness bootcamps.   These are people who are looking for a way to lose weight and get fit that isn’t only exhilarating but also challenging.   Of course you may still be wondering whether joining a local fitness bootcamp is a good idea for you.   Well in this article I will provide some reasons as to why it is.

However we would like to remind you that you can only really receive good results by finding a good bootcamp to attend that have good trainers and of course you are committed to achieving your goals.

Reasons why joining a fitness bootcamp is such a good idea.

1. You will find these a lot more fun as they are designed to challenge you more.   Plus you will find that the enthusiasm of the others in your bootcamp will help to turn exercise from a mundane chore into … [Read more...]

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Fitness Bootcamp – 5 Reasons Why Women Should Attend

5 Reasons Women Should Attend a Fitness Bootcamp

Most women are deterred from attending a fitness bootcamp initially as a way of helping them to get in shape and lose weight.   But as you like they will soon discover there are a number of great advantages to be had from getting involved in these types of fitness programs today.   Of course they will not only help you to look good, but you will also find yourself starting to feel good about who you once you have participated in one of them.

But these aren’t the only reasons why attending such a fitness program should be seriously considered by you.   Below we take a look at some of the other reasons why  attending a fitness bootcamp over more traditional fitness programs should be considered.

Reason 1 – The main reason why you will want to attend such a program as so many other women have is that like them you will lose weight much quicker.   In fact many women who have attended such … [Read more...]

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